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Modifying Styles to be made for YOU

Basama Beyah, the founder of the BaZma brand, has a keen insight on muslim fashion for American women in the U.S. Basama aims to share her designs with the Muslim women population within America.

BaZma Fashion’s Mission is to provide a variety of affordable fashions for the many variations of Muslim women in the U.S., whilst uniting us through our shared goal of being modestly modern.

When growing up, Basama had difficulty  in finding muslim appropriate clothing in the mainstream clothing stores, or even when shopping at the mall. Growing up it was necessary to know how to sew in her family due the limited options and the desire to fulfill the obligation of modesty whilst remaining uniquely stylish. With the inspiration of a long family line of seamstresses (mother, grandmother, and great grandmother), she was inspired to continue the family tradition of sewing. As she learned how to sew, by designing garments for her family and friends, she received more and more demand to develop the line of clothing. With the will of Allah, and the support and encouragement of her family and friends she was able to develop and expand the BaZma fashion Brand.


Basama has an MBA in Business Innovation and Marketing from Jefferson University and has an undergrad degree in Marketing Communications/Business Management from Philadelphia University (Philadelphia College of textiles and Designs). Her education helped her to develop innovative thinking to create, expand, and promote the BaZma Fashion Brand.

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